I’m a Multidisciplinary designer originally from India – focused on building understandable, enjoyable, and meaningful experiences through my research and design. My work includes Research, Writing, Visual, and Experience design.

I received my MFA degree in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in New York. I’m interested in exploring the crossovers between Stories, Technology, and order. I employ Critical thinking, Human-Centric, Universal Design Principles, and Research through Design methodologies to influence my creative process.

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For a quick Hello or a chat about anything design –

︎  siobalaji625@gmail.com

︎  www.linkedin.com/in/sionabalaji 

What I’m interested in –

UX Research
UX Design
Graphic design
Branding + Identity design

If you’re still reading  – 

When I’m not thinking about How Covid-19 changed us (or) What to eat (or) What crime/thriller show to watch (or) Where to go in the weekend (or) How much coffee is too much coffee, I wonder about –– “Why people do some things the way they do it? How many people are doing those things the same exact way?”