Generative form  and copy

In this form and materiality design exploration, I use default design tools as a metaphor to explain the characteristics of ‘Microcopy’ - the tiny text used in a digital interface that guides users and helps them interact with the device. In literature, Microcopy can be considered within the genre of technical communication.
A Genre is a recognizable pattern for providing specific kinds of information
for an identifiable audience demanded
by circumstances.

In this design project, I’ve used simple iterations of form to represent Transition, Repetition, Progression with an interplay of type to draw parallels to the characteristics of Microcopy. In my study and thesis, I demonstrate that Microcopy—which uses generative tools, multiple authors, syndicated or ready-to-print copy—is relevant in the discussion of authorship in the age of electronic literature. Using the Risograph emphasizes on the generative concepts of the language structures used
on our devices.

Progression, Repetition, Transition...

Risograph printing