She Persisted

Flags, currency, stamps are a kind of pattern language that marks a region, group, or set of relationships. Drawing from examples of adaptation or appropriation by artists and designers, 'She Persisted' is a project response which involved creating a Manifesto, a system to design flags, and symbols for the community of survivors and victims of sexual violence.

As graduate assistants, Nancy and I worked with Professor Jean Brennan at Pratt Institute learning to employ systems thinking to design a set of symbols and procedures for exchange, communication, or representation, applied across multiple platforms. The project was chosen to be displayed at Research Open House 2019 at Pratt Institute.


Manifesto ︎

Making ︎

Design System  –

Pins, flags, postcards, stickers –


Research open House 2019 ︎

‘She Persisted’ was displayed at the Research Open House 2019 at Pratt Institute.

Professor Jean Brennan and Research assistants Nancy Hu & Siona Balaji.